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Latest News

Daily backup snapshots now included with all Hagen Hosting accounts
As of May 14, 2007, we are pleased to announce that in addition to our regular daily onsite backups and weekly offsite backups, we have now added a "snapshot" feature that includes a snapshot of your entire web site for each day during the past week or more (our current snapshots cover the past 30 days). Therefore, if you are hosting your web site with Hagen Hosting, and you discover that you have accidentally deleted a file three days ago that you had created just two days before that (five days ago), and that you now need to recover this file, we can still retrieve and restore that file for you from the snapshot backup that was taken at that time, even if it wasn't included in the daily backups (because the file wasn't there yesterday) or in the weekly offsite backups (because you had only created that file five days ago). This feature is available with all Hagen Hosting accounts.

Instant access to your web site now included with all Hagen Hosting accounts
As of August 15, 2006, we are pleased to announce our new "csites" (Customer Sites) feature, which allows us to offer instant access to your web site immediately as soon as your account is created. This is true even for customers who are registering or transferring a domain name to be used for their web site, as the system initially creates a "custom subdomain" for your web site with an address similar to, where "xxxxx" would be replaced by a series of numbers. This allows you to upload files to your site and to begin working with your site immediately. Once the domain has been registered or transferred, you can then access the same web site using that domain name, and all of the previously uploaded files will continue to be available under that domain name. This transition is handled automatically and seamlessly by the system, so that no configuration changes or other input of any kind by the customer is necessary. You simply point your web browser to your new domain name once it is live, and the system takes care of the rest. The primary advantage of this new system is that it allows all customers, including those who are registering or transferring a domain name to be used for their web site, to have instant access to their web site as soon as their account is created, so that they can begin working with the web site, uploading files to it, familiarizing themselves with our web site tools, and even customizing their site or testing their applications while they wait for the domain registration or transfer to be completed. This feature is available with all new Hagen Hosting accounts.

Process Manager
Hagen Hosting now includes a Process Manager that allows you to view and/or terminate any of your current server processes, FTP connections, or MySQL connections.

AJAX Support
Hagen Hosting supports the new AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML) method of web development. AJAX revolutionizes web applications by giving them fluid, desktop like behaviors. Examples include text input fields in HTML forms that can automatically suggest values while the user is typing, just like in a desktop application, and other page elements that can automatically update themselves without the need for user intervention and without the need to make additional server calls or to draw new HTML pages, which results in a faster response for the end user.

SFTP Support
Hagen Hosting is one of the only web hosting companies in the world to support SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), which safeguards your web site and your identity by ensuring that all file transfers between your local computer and the server are encrypted. This prevents outside third parties from viewing your credit card details, passwords, and other sensitive information during FTP sessions.

Exclusive New Anti-Phishing Technology
In yet another Hagen Hosting exlusive, we are pleased to bring you our powerful new anti-phishing technology. This new technology protects your inbox, your wallet, your credit record, and your sanity from the myriad of "phishing" scams that now plague the Internet. To learn more, please read on.

New Control Panel Launched
We are pleased to announce the release of our brand new Hagen Hosting Control Panel (HCP 2.0). This new control panel contains a beautiful interface that is extremely easy to use and navigate, but that also contains many powerful features. To learn more, please take a tour of the new Control Panel.

Spam Control Tool Added
We are pleased to announce the release of our new Spam Control tool, which is by far the most powerful spam fighting system in the industry. In fact, by moving your web site to Hagen Hosting, you will eliminate up to 95% or more of your spam, thereby saving valuable time and money by regaining control of your inbox. Our Spam Control system is just that, a complete system that incorporates both client side and server side technologies to combat spam. To learn more, please go to our Spam Control information area.

New Web Site
As you may have noticed, the Hagen Hosting web site has been redesigned. The new design incorporates state of the art features such as a printer friendly version of every page, links for bookmarking and e-mailing every page, an RSS feed of the latest news from Hagen Hosting, the ability for users to customize the font styles, font sizes, and themes of the pages, a comprehensive help section, an attractive and flexible new design, extensive navigation aids, accessibility features for the disabled, and state of the art technologies such as XHTML and CSS. For more information, click the question mark icon in the upper right corner of this page for our extensive help section.

Hagen Hosting Affiliate Program Launched
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Hagen Hosting Affiliate Program. As a Hagen Hosting affiliate, you can easily generate revenue by referring customers to us who purchase Hagen Software solutions, including not only Hagen Hosting, but also our web applications such as e-Classifieds®. This gives you a far wider and far more profitable collection of products to sell than the typical web hosting affiliate program. For example, if a customer purchases two years of our hosted e-Classifieds® e-Jobs Edition through your affiliate site, you will earn $291.80 on that one sale alone. We invite you to find out more about the Hagen Hosting Affiliate Program.

New Site Builder Tool
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our free web site building tool, which includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) online editor for editing and saving your HTML files that are part of your web sites hosted with Hagen Hosting. This free editor allows you to create new pages or edit existing pages using a simple, graphical, point-and-click interface that includes formatting options such as bold, italics, and underline, editing tools such as cut, copy, and paste, undo and redo options, indenting and justification options, easy insertion of bullet point lists, and settings for font types, sizes, colors, and backgrounds. It even contains wizards for inserting images, links to other web sites, and tables into your pages. You can save your page to your web site with just one click, so there is no longer any need to use outside WYSIWYG editors such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver combined with "publishing" tools or FTP programs to transfer your work over to your web site. The Site Builder comes FREE with all Hagen Hosting accounts.

Shopping cart added
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a free shopping cart for customers on the Commerce hosting plan and above. This new shopping cart can be easily installed with one click from your Hagen Hosting Control Panel, and your items for sale and other configuration settings can easily be updated through an online point-and-click administrative interface. This highly scalable shopping cart solution can easily handle many thousands of items for sale.

Virus filtering added
We have added virus filtering software that scans e-mail messages for certain common viruses, including the Swen and Sobig viruses that have plagued the Internet recently.

Personalized site monitoring
For all customers of our Premium web hosting plan and above, we have implemented a new personalized site monitoring system. This system constantly checks the status of your web site, and if it isn't able to bring up your home page, it instantly pages a support technician who is responsible for ensuring that your site always remains online. To the best of our knowledge, no other web hosting company offers this type of personalized web site monitoring.

Webmail added
We have added a new webmail service that allows Hagen Hosting customers to view and reply to their e-mail through a web browser. This allows you to retrieve your mail from virtually anywhere, even when you are away from your own computer. Moreover, our webmail solution is superior to that offered by most other hosting companies in that it looks nicer and uses far less server resources, which leaves the server with more power to make your web pages load faster.

Spam Filtering added
We have implemented server-side spam filtering in order to block spam coming from certain open relays and open proxies. While spam filtering is not an exact science, we will be implementing a number of additional anti-spam tools in the coming months.

First hosted application released
We have released the first of our new line of hosted applications. These are web-based applications that can significantly enhance your web site by providing new sources of revenue, new traffic streams, and automated content for your web site. The first product is the e-Classifieds® Standard Edition, which can be added to your Hagen Hosting account for just $19.95 per month. We will be unveiling a number of additional such applications in the coming months.

New hosting plans added
We have added three new hosting plans. Our new Lite hosting package gives you 500 MB of disk space for only $3.95 per month, or about the price of a fancy coffee drink!

More scripts added
We have added several new pre-installed CGI scripts for our customers, including a guestbook, WWWBoard (a bulletin board system), and the e-Classifieds® Free Edition. These are in addition to the pre-installed scripts that we already offered, such as formmail, text and graphical hit counters, and a personal search engine for your web site. We have also improved our system for setting up and installing pre-installed CGI scripts to make it easier than ever to install and manage them.

Domain Mirroring feature added
We are pleased to announce our new Domain Mirroring feature, which is available with the Corporate and Enterprise Hosting packages. This tool allows you to set up the system to automatically copy all or part of your Hagen Hosting web site to another server. It can also be set up in the reverse direction, so that it will automatically copy all or part of your web site that is located on an outside server onto your Hagen Hosting server. In either case, you can also set the interval at which the automatic backups will occur. This is a great tool for backing up your web site automatically or for load balancing your site between two servers, and it's yet another Hagen Hosting exclusive. To the best of our knowledge, no other web hosting company offers this feature.

Enterprise Hosting package launched
For those who need the ultimate in features, disk space, and bandwidth, we have created a new hosting package just for you. Among other features, the Enterprise Hosting package includes one gigabyte of disk space.

Graphical .htaccess Manager added
We are pleased to introduce the Graphical .htaccess Manager. The Graphical .htaccess Manager allows you to set deny/allow policies that you can use to block certain hosts, IP addresses, or networks from accessing all or a specific part of your site, or to permit only certain hosts, IP addresses, or networks from accessing all or a specific part of your site. The Graphical .htaccess Manager also allows you to define the files that will be displayed as the "index" page of a particular directory if no file is specified, such as index.html, index.htm, index.cgi, etc. It allows you to redirect users to another site if you want, and you can also use it to password protect certain directories or your entire site. All of these options are available through an easy to use, point-and-click interface.

File Manager added
Our new web-based File Manager is available! It allows you to view, create, edit, and delete your web site's files and directories online through an easy to use, point-and-click interface.

FrontPage 2002 support added
We are pleased to announce that Hagen Hosting now supports the new Microsoft FrontPage 2002 extensions. Very few web hosting companies currently support FrontPage 2002. In addition, we maintain support for FrontPage 2000 and FrontPage 98.

Site Transfer Utility added
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new Site Transfer Utility. Located under the "Utilities" section of the Control Panel, the Site Transfer Utility allows you to easily transfer all of the files and directories of your web site from your old web hosting company's server to your new Hagen Hosting server. The utility even maintains the permissions of the files and directories that it transfers. Moving your web site to a new server has never been easier!

Corporate Hosting package launched
We have added a new Corporate Hosting package for customers who are serious about their online presence. This new package offers the maximum power and value available.

Hit Counter added
All customers now have the option of adding a hit counter to their pages hosted on Hagen Hosting. The hit counter can be displayed on as many pages as you want, and it can display either text or graphical counters.

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