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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most common questions that customers ask us about Hagen Hosting. For any of the questions listed below that you are interested in, please click on the link for that question, and the answer will be displayed beneath it.

How soon will I have access to my account?

Once your account has been created, you will have access to your account and your web site immediately. Even if you are registering or transferring a domain name to be used with your account, you will still be able to access the account and your web site immediately through our "csites" (Customer Sites) feature. You will be able to access your web site at an address similar to "" (where "xxxxx" would be replaced by a series of numbers). Once the domain registration or transfer has been completed, you would then be able to access your web site through that domain.

Is there a minimum time period or commitment?

No. While we offer discounts for prepayment for six months, one year, or two years, you can sign up on a month-to-month basis for all plans except the Lite hosting package.

Will I have access to my account 24 hours per day?

Yes. You will have full access to your web site and your account 24/7/365. This includes full online access to your billing records and history as well through our Control Panel.

Which methods of payment are available?

We accept credit card and debit card payments via Visa or MasterCard. We can also accept checks, money orders, or wire transfers.

Do you have a matrix that compares your various packages?

Yes. We have a detailed comparison chart (matrix) that lists all of our plans and all of the features available with each plan.

Do you support FrontPage extensions?

Yes. In fact, we are one of the only web hosting companies to fully support the new FrontPage 2003 extensions. We also support FrontPage 2002, FrontPage 2000, and FrontPage 98.

Do you offer a shopping cart?

Yes. We include a free shopping cart to customers on the Commerce hosting plan and above. This highly scalable shopping cart can support many thousands of items, can be easily installed with one click from your Hagen Hosting Control Panel, and can be easily configured and updated through its point-and-click online administrative interface.

Do you offer Windows hosting?

No. At this time, we only offer Unix-based hosting solutions.

Do you offer dialup Internet access?

No. At this time, we only offer web hosting services. You will need a separate Internet access account to connect to the Internet.

Is it easy to transfer my web site from my old hosting company to Hagen Hosting?

Yes. Our unique Site Transfer Utility makes it very easy to transfer your entire web site from your old hosting company to Hagen Hosting. Just enter a few details and click on the "Transfer" button, and the Site Transfer Utility will automatically copy over all of your old files and directories to your new Hagen Hosting account. The utility even maintains the permissions of the files and directories that it transfers. Moving your web site to a new server has never been easier!

Can Hagen Hosting register my domain name for me?

Yes. If you would like your own domain, you will need to register through Hagen Hosting or another domain registrar. It is easier to register your domain through Hagen Hosting directly, and Hagen Hosting will configure our nameservers for any domain name you choose. If you would like, you can also complete the registration elsewhere.

Do I have to register my domain?

Yes, if you would like your own domain, you will need to register through Hagen Hosting or another domain registrar. It is easier to register your domain through Hagen Hosting directly, and Hagen Hosting will configure our nameservers for any domain name you choose. If you would like, you can also complete the registration elsewhere.

How does a domain transfer work?

Transferring a domain to Hagen Hosting for web hosting requires two steps:

  1. Submit the domain name to us through a new account signup or through your Personal Control Panel.
  2. Modify the domain at your registrar in order to utilize the nameservers configured by Hagen Hosting for your domain. Please contact us for the appropriate DNS server names and IP addresses.

If I register my own domain, or transfer an existing domain, does the $25 setup fee still apply?

No. The $25 fee is applicable only if you have us register or transfer your domain name for you, in which case this fee also covers the actual domain registration fees from the registrar. Otherwise, there is no fee, although you will still be responsible for paying the registrar fees.

Do I need to have a domain in my account?

No, you are not required to have a domain. Our hosting plans work with or without a domain. However, some web hosting features are only available to accounts with domains. If you do not have a domain, your web site address will take the form "" (where "xxxxx" would be replaced by a series of numbers).

Can I host multiple domains in the same account?

Yes, you can do this with the Professional, Commerce, Premium, Corporate, and Enterprise hosting plans. Each virtual domain will be pointed to its own subdirectory, and this can be controlled through your Personal Control Panel. The disk and transfer allowances are shared among all sites on the account.

Do you host international domains?

Yes. We can host international domains from any country of origin.

Which versions of PHP, Perl, and MySQL do you use?

New customers are placed on servers that use Perl 5.8.8, PHP 5.1.6, and MySQL 5.0.23. Some older customer servers may use older versions of these programs, such as Perl 5.6, PHP 4.4, and MySQL 3.23.58.

Can I use Adobe Pagemill, Dreamweaver, or other HTML authoring tools?

Yes, you can use almost all authoring tools as long as they do not require any special server-side extensions. We also support certain tools that do utilize server side extensions, such as Microsoft FrontPage.

Can I use my own custom CGI scripts?

Yes, you can use your own custom CGI scripts, as well as those that you purchase or download, with all of our plans except for the Lite hosting plan.

Does Hagen Hosting offer dedicated servers?

Yes, although we are not actively promoting this at the present time. All dedicated servers are fully managed, which means that we maintain "root" privileges on all such machines located within our network. If you are interested in a managed, dedicated server, please contact our sales department.

Do you support ColdFusion or Active Server Pages?

No, we do not offer support for either ColdFusion or Active Server Pages.

What databases are supported with my web site?

We support the powerful MySQL database. The databases can be accessed via Perl or PHP for integration with your web site.

How do I receive e-mail?

Any virtual domain that is attached to your account will allow any e-mail addressed to that domain to reach the account's main mailbox (this is called a "catchall" address). If you want different people to be able to retrieve e-mail from specific addresses, you can also create multiple e-mail (POP3) accounts through the Personal Control Panel. You can also set up forwarding, autoresponders, and other features to handle your incoming mail through the Personal Control Panel.

How do I send e-mail?

Whenever possible, you should continue to use the SMTP server provided to you by your dialup or broadband ISP. Please note that we do not provide any e-mail relaying, and most responsible ISPs nowdays will not allow you to relay mail to an SMTP server outside of their networks anyway (such as the SMTP server of your web hosting company), as a protection against spamming.

Can I have multiple e-mail addresses?

Yes. By default, your account includes a "catchall" e-mail box where all e-mail sent to any address at any of your domains will be stored unless you have created a separate POP3 mailbox for that address. If you want different people to retrieve e-mail for different addresses, you can create such additional mailboxes through your Personal Control Panel.

Can I run mailing lists with my account?

Yes, each account except for the Lite hosting package comes with a Mailing List Manager that has a pre-defined number of e-mail lists that you are allowed to set up and manage.

How can I access my account securely?

In order to login to your account securely, please use SSH. This access method use public-key encryption to ensure that your connection cannot be intercepted or replayed. You will need the Professional, Commerce, Premium, Corporate, or Enterprise package to access your account using SSH.

Is there a difference between commercial and personal accounts?

No, we do not make any distinction between personal and commercial accounts.

Can I upgrade my account later?

Yes, you can upgrade your account at any time. The charge for upgrading is the difference in setup fees between the old account type and the new account type. You are issued a pro-rated refund for unused time under the old account type, and billed for a new period at the new rate.

Can I create sub-domains on a domain?

Yes, if you host a domain with us (e.g., ""), then you may also create and host sub-domains (such as "") on all accounts. Each account type allows you a different number of sub-domains. No registrar interaction is required.

How does technical support work at Hagen Hosting?

Your first line of support is our public Knowledge Base, a repository of on-line technical information for common web hosting support questions. For individual questions, there is a technical support ticket system in your Personal Control Panel through which you can submit your questions to the Hagen Hosting technical support team. Most support inquiries are handled within 24 hours or less.

Do you offer special discounts for educational, non-profit, or other organizations?

No. However, we do have special discounts for prepayment of hosting services.

Can I run a chat server, an IRC client or bot, or a free home page service on my hosting account?

No. These are all against our Acceptable Use Policy. These policies are carefully designed to protect and enhance the performance and reliability of our service for the benefit of all customers. Please read the policies if you are uncertain about a proposed project.

Do you host adult-oriented sites or content?

With certain conditions, we do host adult-oriented sites or content, provided that the customer remains in compliance with all terms of our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy. Because of the unusual traffic patterns and bandwidth usage patterns related to adult sites, we reserve the right to refuse to host any adult site or to discontinue hosting any adult site that we feel, in our sole discretion, to be detrimental to the service provided to our other customers because of its usage of our server and/or bandwidth resources. Furthermore, we will not host any site that may be in violation of any applicable laws. Finally, please note that, due to the unusual traffic patterns and bandwidth usage patterns related to adult sites, we may require you to choose a higher level plan that is more appropriate for the resource usage associated with such sites.

Do you host warez or other illicit sites or content?

No. We do not host warez or other illicit sites. In fact, we do not host any sites that are in violation of any applicable laws. Please refer to our Terms of Service and our Acceptable Use Policy.

Do you offer "unlimited" bandwidth or disk space?

No. As with most things in life, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We are aware that a few hosting companies claim to offer "unlimited" bandwidth or disk space, but they are engaging in fraud and deception, because there is simply no such thing. If you actually start to use a significant amount of disk space or bandwidth with these companies, they will shut down your web site without even notifying you in advance. In contrast, we believe in the old fashioned policy of being honest upfront about the bandwidth and disk space limits for each of our accounts. Moreover, even if you do go over these limits with your Hagen Hosting account, you will receive notices and/or be billed for the excess usage, rather than having your account shut down without warning.

What is the charge for extra bandwidth?

The charge for extra bandwidth usage over and above the amount included with your account is $1 per 200MB of overusage.

I have some questions that are not answered on your web site or in this FAQ. Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact us through our sales inquiry form or by e-mail at . You can also call our sales line at +1 202-333-7969.

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