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Spam Control system

Introducing Spam Control...the world's most powerful spam blocking system!

spam control

(click image to enlarge)

Eliminate up to 95% of your spam!

As you probably already know, spam (unsolicited bulk e-mail) has become one of the greatest plagues afflicting the Internet today. For some people, the task of wading through unwanted spam in their e-mail inboxes can waste several hours each day. As part of our continuous efforts to improve our services, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new, comprehensive anti-spam toolset, which is called Spam Control. Consisting of both server-side and client-side components that perform thousands of tests on each message in order to assign it a "spam score", this state-of-the-art system is designed to help you eliminate unwanted spam. We believe that it is by far the most effective and comprehensive spam fighting tool in the industry today. When you move your domains to Hagen Hosting, you should notice a substantial reduction in the volume of spam that you receive. In fact, you may be able to eliminate as much as 95% or more of your spam simply by switching your web hosting to Hagen Hosting.

How it works

On the server side, we block spam messages that fail to comply with standard Internet protocols by using forged headers, forged addresses, and other nefarious and often illegal tactics. We also block spam messages that come from well-known open relays and open proxies that are used only by spammers and that are never used for legitimate e-mail messages. In addition, we screen for and block many harmful viruses, and we are adding to our virus screening capabilities all of the time. We also scan all incoming e-mail for phishing scams, using both a constantly updated database of known phishing scams as well as sophisticated heuristics that can detect and eliminate so called "zero day" phishing scams that haven't even been entered into the database yet.

On the client side, we have included a tool in the Hagen Hosting Control Panel called Spam Control. The Basic Spam Control toolset is available on all Hagen Hosting accounts, and it allows you to specify how aggressive or forgiving the system should be in screening out spam, as well as how to modify the subject lines of spam messages. Customers who have the Standard web hosting plan and above can also enjoy the benefits of the Advanced Spam Control system. The Advanced toolset allows for more fine-grained tuning of your anti-spam settings, as well as customized subject notices and more reporting options. It also allows you to decide what the system should do with messages that have been marked as spam, including altering the subject line, forwarding the message to a special spam mailbox, or deleting the message altogether. Furthermore, with certain accounts, it also includes additional unique and sophisticated features, including the following (the accounts for which each feature is available are listed in parenthesis after that feature):

  1. Blacklisting of partial or full e-mail addresses and domains (Professional hosting plan and above)
  2. Whitelisting of partial or full e-mail addresses and domains (Commerce and above)
  3. The ability to allow acceptance of e-mail only from certain countries or regions (Premium and above)
  4. The ability to allow acceptance of e-mail only in certain languages (Premium and above)
  5. The ability for the system to automatically train itself over time to recognize spam based upon your behavior (Corporate and above)
  6. The ability to customize the learned behavior of the system in recognizing spam (Corporate and above)
  7. The ability to reward or punish certain senders based upon their past spamming or non-spamming behavior (Enterprise only)
  8. The ability to compare all messages received against a worldwide database of known spam messages (Enterprise only)
  9. The ability to train the system to recognize certain types of messages as spam or non-spam in the future (Enterprise only)

How to get it

Sign up for an account with Hagen Hosting! All accounts include at least the basic Spam Control system. Of course, choosing a higher level account will give you far greater spam fighting tools. We hope that you will choose Hagen Hosting for your web hosting services and regain control over your e-mail inbox. Our exclusive Spam Control system is designed specifically to save you time and money by reducing and/or eliminating unwanted spam.

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